Seattle, Washington, USA

You are looking at Seattle , Washington in USA. The city has a population of 582454 residents. It is located on -121.66 degrees longitude, and 47.61 latitude.

Seattle , General info:

Seattle is one of the best places to visit and live in the world. It sits between the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges.

Seattle , Cheap stuff:

All museums in Seattle are free on the first Thursday of every month.

The Pike Place Market or Fisherman's Market as it is sometimes called keeps you busy for hours and is free.

The beaches in Seattle are not crowed and very clean.

Seattle , Different stuff:

Seattle has a very large Asian population with lots of foods and clothing that you will not find elsewhere.

You can take trips to Underground Seattle. Where the city was located before the big Seattle fire.

The locks in Ballard are not only interesting, but free. You can see boats go from fresh to salt water. At certain times of the year you can see salmon returning from the ocean to spawn in the fresh water. The fish ladder as well as the locks are free.

Seattle , Don't miss:

Pike Place Market.,


Alki Beach.

University of Washington campus with its libraries.

The many live theater in Seattle. (You can get half price tickets at the Pike Place Market at Ticket, Ticket)

Seattle , Food:

Between Salty's Brunch on Alki beach to dinner watching the sun go down at Ray's Boathouse on the salt water you cannot beat the seafood Seattle has to offer.

The Dim Sum at "House of Hong" in Chinatown is not only reasonably priced but internationally known as some of the best you can get. (One woman comes all the way from Poland just for their Dim Sum)

Seattle , Hotels:

If you are loaded there is the Sorento Hotel or the Fairmount Olympic. If you are looking for a mid priced place to stay, Silver Cloud on Lake Union is a great find. Or if you want there are many great Bed and Breakfast for a reasonable price.

Seattle , Safety:

There is very little crime in Seattle. Outside of a few drunk University students around the campus doing what I did many years ago, you will be very happy in all of the city.

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