London, United Kingdom

You are looking at London in United Kingdom. The city has a population of 11219006 residents. It is located on 0.17 degrees longitude, and 51.50 latitude.

London , General info:

London is a beautiful city. It's not exactly Las Vegas, but at night there is still a good amount of light. If you want to see the whole of London, but don't have enough time or you're too tired, just visit the London Eye. But if you're scared of heights, there's isn't any other way to see London (except for on a plane). If you look for reviews on London, most say that is a city they would gladly visit again. One yahoo contributor said: "I was lucky enough to live in London for a few months. I loved it and would return back there if the right opportunity came around. No place in the world has such a mixture of cultures, history and energy that London does. I love the cafes, the museums, the double-decker buses, the tube, the cathedrals, the pubs, and so much more. The only downside is the bad weather, but that's not a big enough negative for me to take off a star."

London , Cheap stuff:

London is not know for being cheap. Most restaurants are very nice, the foods great, and there's a LOT of pizzeria's if that's what you like, but a lot of restaurants are expensive. If you like Pizza, here's a few cheap restaurants:

Pizza Hut


Pizza Express

London , Different stuff:

London is different for the expenses. There are of course, more expensive cities, but still. Also, it was the home of many well known monarchs.

Henry VIII

Queen Victoria

Queen Elizabeth I/II


Also,the taxi's/cabs there and buses are very different from other places. Some cabs and buses still look a little turn of the century. And London accepts and has accommodations for all cultures. There are international schools, schools for all different places. London is a very cool place.

London , Don't miss:

Don't miss going to:

Windsor Castle

London Tower

Hyde Park

Green Park

St James's Park

Hampstead Heath

Richmond Park.

British Museum


London , Food:

The food is perfect. There's all sorts of food. There's Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Asian, Mexican, Spanish, Danish, German etc. There's healthy, there's fast food, there's vegan/vegetarian food, there's meat ....

and all sorts of drinks. And the best, or worst, it depends if you smoke, thing about London is that you are only aloud to smoke outside. So, in restaurants, you are not always covered in smoke.

London , Hotels:

The hotels are very high quality in London. There's bed and breakfast, there 2/3 stars to 5 stars there's all sorts of hotels. (But truly, the best places for Hotels are Dubai and Bahamas and some other places for the series of hotels: Atlantis.)

London , Safety:

As long as you stay in central London, in places that are crowded or with a lot of people, you will be safe. But pubs and poor empty places are very dangerous. And NEVER go to the park at night if it's empty. It is one of the most popular places for stabbings.

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