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Albuquerque, USA - Atlanta, USA - Comparison and Distance between
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Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

You are looking at Albuquerque , New Mexico in USA. The city has a population of 504949 residents. It is located on -105.35 degrees longitude, and 35.08 latitude.

Albuquerque, city info (submit new info)

Albuquerque , General info:

Albuquerque is the county seat of "Bernalillo County" and is situated in the central part of the state, straddling the Rio Grande. It's metropolitan area includes the city of Rio Rancho, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

Albuquerque , Cheap stuff:

Pretty cheap...

Excellent bargains in Native arts and jewellery

Albuquerque , Different stuff:

Tricklock Company (Albuquerque's international touring theatre company)

Albuquerque Biological Park (environmental museum located at 903 Tenth Street SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico in the historical neighborhood called Barelas) - which has a butterfly pavilion.


New Mexican Food

Albuquerque , Don't miss:

You must see Bank of Albuquerque Tower, it is the tallest building in Albuquerque,as for the night life: Downtown Distillery, O-PM, Raw, Sauce,...

Old Town

Amazing surrounding wildernesses

State Fair in September

Albuquerque , Food:

The Ranchers Club is an experience in dining that no visitor to the Land of Enchantment should miss. The only authentic grill in New Mexico that prepares the food on a Gridiron over a variety of aromatic wood embers such as Mesquite, Hickory, Sassafras and Appl

Green chile - anywhere with a Spanish restaurant name

Slate street Cafe

Lots of Vietnamese food including a bakery on Louisiana

Albuquerque , Hotels:

Quality Inn, Marriott, La Quinta Inn, Sheraton Uptown, Hotel Blue, Albuquerque Hotel

Try Casa de Suenos for something different

Albuquerque , Safety:

Be careful after dark if you are going to be on Central or anywhere south of Central. Some areas have gang activity. It's easy to get lost in, and carry a high risk of car-jacking. Make sure that if you are downtown that you stay in well-lit areas, and don't wander off alone

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YMMD with that anwser! TX
Starleigh, 2011-06-02 03:27:45
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City rating:

In favor in principle, as I will try to exipaln. Both the liaison' and GA/OLA, and me included of course, are responsible with the present problems surrounding this. GA is not effectively and clearly' dealing with this situation. The liaison' is not effectively and clearly' dealing with the situation. We, must resolve it .and ending it is clearly, imo, the logical step. End it clearly and decisively, then, if it is consensus, rebuild it correctly. Or I should say better. Movement development is reiterative', you change, fix, experiment, learn, modify as needed. Warning, Warning, Warning. As seriously as I can get your attention, this kind of break' with Principles and Solidarity, can, and usually does become a cancer' in the movement. I was SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, anti war group in the late 60 s, that also used participatory democracy. We were able to learn it slowly, but for the present Occupy, especially Los Angeles, you/we are hitting the ground runnning, repairing a jet while its flying. BUT we MUST adhere and take and OATH to your solidarity with your principles. Or risk the failure and fragmentation of our movement. Please read your first two principles.1. Engaging in direct and transparent participatory democracy.2. Exercising personal and collective responsibility. We have failed BOTH these pricnciples with this liaison dilemma. We are responsible to deal with it, using our principles. This liaison system, was not direct democracy', it was not transparent', no one recorded the meetings for the rest of the OLA/GA etc. WE as OLA are not exercising responsibility, neither are the persons individually. We must try, we must do. This is about SOLIDARITY to the Principles, to each other, to the Participatory Democracy that I BEG you to give a long chance. It is and will be, your greatest strength. It is the model you must show to all the 99. WE must learn to govern. We must BELEIVE we can learn to govern. SOLIDARITY is a VERB, we ACT in Solidarity and if we do not, we BREAK Solidarity. Again, any further meetings with Police and officials' not RECORDED and DISSEMINATED to OLA/GA, allowing viewing and discussion and DIRECTION is INTENTIONAL break of Solidarity to Principles, and to each other by whoever goes to such a meeting, by whoever does not clearly OBJECT to such breaks of Solidarity, Principles, Transparency, and Participatory Democracy. Thank you. Sorry for wordiness, Solidarity to ALL. PttP Mike
Ebuh, 2012-10-06 16:27:52

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

You are looking at Atlanta , Georgia in USA. The city has a population of 486482 residents. It is located on -84.42 degrees longitude, and 33.75 latitude.

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Atlanta , General info:

The capital of Georgia state. Atlanta grew up from regional commerce city to global. Atlanta Metropolitan area has grown 20.5% in a period 2000-2006. During the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta stood apart from southern cities that supported segregation, calling itself as "The City Too Busy to Hate.". Along with St. Louis and Los Angeles, Atlanta is one of three cities in the United States to have hosted the Summer Olympic Games.

Atlanta , Cheap stuff:

Bargains, Factory Outlets, ... bargain hunters show you the way to the best stuff at the lowest prices at every venue

Also, try CityPass in Atlanta to save 50% off of attraction admission tickets to 6 of Atlanta's top attractions including Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola.

Atlanta , Different stuff:

French-Language Theater, Indian cuisine, Vinnings,..

Atlanta , Don't miss:

New World of Coca-Cola, Inside CNN Atlanta Studio Tours, Centennial Olympic Park and Stone Mountain Park.

Atlanta , Food:

Many choices for a good eat, for example:

Patio Promenade:

When visiting Atlanta this spring, relax on the patios of the city's top restaurants. Take in the sights and scenes of Atlanta at diverse restaurants that range in cuisine, style and atmosphere.

Atlanta Fish Market:

On the patio of Atlanta Fish Market, enjoy a wide variety of seafood fare such as the raw oysters, baby lobster tail or smoked mango-glazed salmon.


Stop by Kyma for Greek wine and fresh and healthy appetizers while sitting on the welcoming patio, complete with plush and comfortable furniture.

La Grotta Ristorante Italiano

Relax on the patio overlooking a beautiful garden in either the Buckhead or Perimeter location of this fine Italian restaurant. La Grotta's specialties include veal cutlet, breaded and sauteed, topped with prosciutto, roasted peppers and mozzarella.

Atlanta , Hotels:

InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta, Americas Best Value Inn & Suites, Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel, Marriott Perimeter Center, and much more...

Atlanta , Safety:

Many people feel comfortable riding MARTA (the mass transit system) at night, and by most accounts is safe (others avoid it). Solo female travelers might want to select an alternate form of transportation in the evenings, but daytime travel is very safe and has lots of passengers who use it to travel to/from the airport.

Interstate driving is safe, but can tend to be harrying for those not accustomed to driving in large cities.

Outside the Perimeter (areas outside 285, particularly on the North side) are considered to be very safe

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City rating:

I'd like to call this post "man you guys are nuts!" but I know how tough it is to compare places you haven't been to. So instead I'll just give my $0.02 in several areas. General Info: Also called the Manhattan of the South (maybe because we are an island unto ourselves). We're a city that has just about doubled every 20 years since 1950. We're now the 9th most populous metropolitan area in the US. That growth rate means huge population shifts - in our case, largely from other parts of the US and the world. WIth nearly 20% of the population speaking languages other than English at home, we're a pretty damn diverse crowd these days. Africans or African-Americans make up over 30% of the population; Latinos and Hispanics about 10%; Asians about 5%. That's greater diversity than New York, San Francisco and Miami. Different Stuff: Check out the Decatur bar scene. Little 5 Points or East Atlanta at any time of day or night. For the real adventurous spirit, check out the Claremont Lounge, Star Bar, The Majestic (after 2am). Don't miss: Anything. Stone Mountain Laser Show in the Summer, Dive bars, Hipsters and Tattoo parlors, great beer joints, avoiding the tourist spots. Food: None of the places mentioned seem anything but cliche. Check out Urban Spoon for the latest hot spots. Anne's Snack Shack, Fox Brothers, Vortex and others beckon from outside of the pompous Buckhead crowd that the site lists.
Beau Woods, 2011-09-10 23:13:40
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