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Chicago, USA - Copenhagen, Denmark - Comparison and Distance between
Distance: 6,775 km / 4,210 miles

Chicago, Illinois, USA

You are looking at Chicago , Illinois in USA. The city has a population of 2000006 residents. It is located on -86.36 degrees longitude, and 41.87 latitude.

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Chicago , General info:

Two airports -Midway or OHare (ORD).OHare is major airport; both convenient to downtown (called The Loop)

Chicago , Different stuff:

flee market - great fun!

Chicago , Don't miss:


Chicago , Food:

Food in Chicago is excellent! There is so much variety. There are many places for steak (Carmine's, Wildfire). There is also great Italian (Sappori Trattoria). Many ethnic restaurants if you want tasty affordable alternatives. My advice - go to a BYOB with a bottle or two of wine and you'll save.

Chicago , Hotels:

Hotels along Michigan Avenue are fun yet expensive. For a cheaper place in a great location, try Congress Plaza hotel.

Chicago , Safety:

OK for the most part. Just plan out your route in advance. Take cabs, buses, or trains.

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Copenhagen, Illinois, Denmark

You are looking at Copenhagen in Denmark. The city has a population of 5300056 residents. It is located on 12.58 degrees longitude, and 55.67 latitude.

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Copenhagen , General info:

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the country's largest city.

Copenhagen is the seat of the national parliament, the government, and the monarchy.

Copenhagen , Hotels:

Grand Hotel, Gentofte Hotel, Airport Hotel Dan, Hoje Taastrup, Hotel Marina,...

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