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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

You are looking at Las Vegas , Nevada in USA. The city has a population of 1000000 residents. It is located on -114.80 degrees longitude, and 36.17 latitude.

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Las Vegas , General info:

Las Vegas, billed as The Entertainment Capital of the World, is famous for massive and lavish casino resorts, the unrestricted availability of alcoholic beverages (as is true throughout Nevada), and adult entertainment. Once officially referred to as Sin City, this image made Las Vegas a popular setting for films and television programs.

McCarran International Airport - The airport is located five miles (8 km) south of the central business district of Las Vegas

Las Vegas , Cheap stuff:

Probably the weddings are cheapest, but you can find a lot of free attractions and entertainment in Vegas.

Las Vegas , Different stuff:

Marriage Capital of the World due to the ease in acquiring a marriage license and the minimal costs involved. The city remains to be known as a popular wedding destination.

Many of the chapels, such as Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel also offer themed weddings. Common themes include Hawaiian, fairy tale, Star Trek, gothic and weddings with an Elvis impersonator. Inside the Las Vegas Hilton you can find several Star Trek packages. Another popular theme is a pirate ship wedding at Treasure Island. Second in popularity to the wedding chapel option, is to have a ceremony performed outdoors somewhere in the area surrounding Las Vegas. Some of the outdoor locations include lake weddings, Valley of Fire weddings, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area weddings, Mount Charleston weddings, and Grand Canyon weddings.

Las Vegas , Don't miss:

The Atomic Testing Museum museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, documents the history of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) in the desert north of Las Vegas. Among its exhibits covering American nuclear history is a "Ground Zero Theater" which simulates the experience of observing an atmospheric nuclear test.

Las Vegas , Food:

Today Las Vegas is recognized as one of the world's great dining destinations, with a long list of renowned chefs and spectacular restaurants that are remarkable for their lavishness, architecture and creativity. Las Vegas has become so sophisticated and world class renown, that you cannot compare with the Las vegas restaurants from 20 years ago. The most talented Chefs in the world have demonstrated that las Vegas was also a gourmet and fine dining destination. You can find everything in Vegas - american barbecue, buffet, chinese,creole, delicatessen, french, gourmet, italian, japanese, korean, mexican, pizza, sea food, spanish, steak house, sushi, vegetarian...You name it.

Las Vegas , Hotels:

You have more than 100,000 hotel rooms to choose from in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace, Venetian, Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, Four Seasons Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas, Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, THEhotel at Mandalay Bay are just a few among many more luxury hotels in Vegas.

Las Vegas , Safety:

In Las Vegas, vast amounts of money are always on display, and criminals find many easy marks. Don't be one of them. At gaming tables and slot machines, men should keep wallets well concealed and out of the reach of pickpockets, and women should keep handbags in plain sight (on laps). If you win a big jackpot, ask the pit boss or slot attendant to cut you a check rather than give you cash -- the cash may look nice, but flashing it can attract the wrong kind of attention. Outside casinos, popular spots for pickpockets and thieves are restaurants and outdoor shows, such as the volcano at The Mirage or the fountains at Bellagio. Stay alert. Unless your hotel room has an in-room safe, check your valuables in a safe-deposit box at the front desk.

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Miami, Florida, USA

You are looking at Miami , Florida in USA. The city has a population of 5463857 residents. It is located on -79.80 degrees longitude, and 25.77 latitude.

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Miami , General info:

The City of Miami known as the “Magic City” is located in Southeast Florida, in Miami-Dade County on the Miami River, between the Florida Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. Since its incorporation in 1896, the City has grown tremendously, transforming it into one of the world’s renowned centers where people can work, live and play while enjoying a high quality of life.

Miami International Airport is located just west of the city in an unincorporated, suburban area. It is an important hub for traffic between North America and Latin America, and one of the largest airports in the world.

Miami , Cheap stuff:

David’s Café, cheap, legendary Cuban food.

Miami , Different stuff:

Miami has the largest Latin American population outside of Latin America itself with nearly 65% of its populace either from Latin America or of Latin American ancestry. Spanish is a language often used for day-to-day discourse in many places, although English is the language of preference, especially when dealing with businesses and government. You will find that almost all locals speak English to a comfortable if not fluent level. Despite this, it is not at all uncommon to encounter a local who does not speak English at all, though this is usually centered amongst shops and restaurants in residential communities and not generally the case in large tourist areas or the downtown district

Miami , Don't miss:

Miami Seaquarium, a place where dolphins walk on water and killer whales fly through the air. Where sea lions delight children of all ages and endangered sea turtles and manatees find a safe haven. Enjoy a world-class marine-life entertainment park with eight different marine animal shows and astonishing daily presentations. Miami Seaquarium®is a place of inspiration, education and fun.

The Miami International Boat Show, a spectacular five-day sports event in Miami.

Miami , Food:

Miami may be known for its Latin cuisine, especially its Cuban cuisine, but there are other different kinds of restaurants to be found around the city. In addition to stand-alone restaurants offering up various cuisines from Chinese and Japanese and Middle Eastern and Italian (among other cuisines), there are cafés, steakhouses and restaurants operating from boutique hotels as well as chain restaurants such as TGI Fridays and Ben & Jerry’s.

Miami , Hotels:

Miami accommodations are suited for work or play, offering amenities for every mood and budget. From fabulous chic boutiques to luxuriously tropical resorts, and charming romantic hideaways to comfortable family getaway you’ll find it all.

Miami , Safety:

Miami, frequently heralded in the news as a center of crime and drug smuggling, is relatively dangerous for the passing tourist in certain areas. Liberty City has the highest violent crime rate in the city and is best if avoided all together. If in this, or any other high crime neighborhood for any reason, take the same precautions as you would in other high crime neighborhoods around the country. Such as minding one's business, getting to your destination quickly, and avoid wearing flashy jewelry and electronics. Remember that most common sense rules such as being aware of your surroundings at night and traveling in high-traffic areas at night apply in Miami as it does in all other urban areas around the United States.

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