Managua, Nicaragua

You are looking at Managua in Nicaragua. The city has a population of 1390505 residents. It is located on -85.70 degrees longitude, and 12.10 latitude.

Managua , General info:

Nicaragua on the whole is on the mend from hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. People love Americans! However, you must not display your wealth unless you want to hire a guard.

Nicaragua takes its name from Nicarao, chief of the indigenous tribe that lived around present-day Lake Nicaragua during the late 1400s and early 1500s.

Some Nicaraguans know English, but it is a good idea to know some Spanish before you go. You can get by showing what you want with your hands.

Managua , Cheap stuff:

Getting by on a shoestring is possible, only if you live the Nicaraguan lifestyle--beans, rice, fruit, etc. and native handicrafts. Transportation can be quite reasonable, depending on what you want, taxis, buses, mini-bus or Bluebird school type buses (not recommended).

When you deal with people at the Mercados (marketplaces), generally the price will be a bit high for merchandise. Just say "No" which usually gives you a second price and if you want the item, that is the time to buy it. Another "No" will get you a better price, yes, but then, the merchant gets cheated and is not a good reflection on the Americano.

Managua , Different stuff:

Nicaraguans are famous for their hammocks and are splendid.

Zip lines are also available in the canopy in Nicaragua; however, this author does not know where they are located.

Managua , Don't miss:

Be sure to go see The Peace Monument in former downtown Managua in the earthquake zone. Another must see is Granada for its Spanish Colonial Architecture and, also, see Masaya for volcano and handicrafts, such as hammocks.

Managua , Food:

If you want American, Chinese, or Native Nicaragua meals, and go to a restaurant, expect to pay about the same as in the United States. Otherwise, street vendors have plenty of tropical fruit and bocadillas (chucks of charcoaled grilled meat).

Managua , Hotels:

There are new hotels available in Managua, as it is a rapidly growing city, so expect to spend about the same amount as in Untied States. The Hotel Intercontinental is the hotel Howard Hughes stayed in the early 70's.

Generally, do not expect hot water to take a shower!

Managua , Safety:

Generally, it is a good idea to keep valuables well hidden, perhaps in a plastic bag. Displaying wealth of any kind is not recommended, such as, cameras, jewelry, purses, etc. This is generally true in most Central American countries.

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