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You are looking at Amsterdam , Delaware in Netherlands. The city has a population of 737926 residents. It is located on 4.90 degrees longitude, and 52.35 latitude.

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Amsterdam , General info:

Amsterdam , Cheap stuff:

Not much cheap stuff in Amsterdam, it\\\\\\\'s a very expensive city and ever more so since the interoduction of the Euro.

Amsterdam , Different stuff:

Plenty of different stuff avaialble from food to clothes and plenty of shoes, a womens dream, 100\\\'s of shoe shops and we are informed that Amsterdam some how get styles other cities do not.

Amsterdam , Don't miss:

QUEENS DAY April 30th. 1 milion people in city centre and all dressed in orange or most of them.

Gay Parade Aug 1-3 - Amazing sight on water.

Amsterdam , Food:

All types available but the Dutch service is terrible. Eggs are the main dish, everywhere you go, eggs.

Amsterdam , Hotels:

Amsterdam Escape (Dot Com) offer a real alternative to your regular Amsterdam hotels, luxury Amsterdam apartments and the best thing they are SMOKE FRIENDLY. Hard to get a smoke friendly place theses days, even in Amsterdam. The Smoking bvan somes into effect in July 2008 the effect of this on hotels, bars and coffeeshops is yet to be seen.

Amsterdam , Safety:

Amsterdam is a very safe city, Pick pockets are about the worst thing that will happen to you here. No muggers or burgulars and very little petty crime.

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